About Us

gilestireswingSt. Giles Preschool opened its doors in 1948 when young moms, still in the postwar workforce, needed a safe, nurturing place to leave their children. Formerly named St. Giles Parent Co-operative, the all day school operated on a drop-in basis and was operated by a full-time teacher and volunteer parents.During the 1950’s, other schools in the Lower Mainland opened and the Council of Parent Participation Preschools was formed. St. Giles joined this association in 1960. Throughout the years, St. Giles has been blessed with dedicated teachers who were committed to the school for many years. Tracy and Carole, our teachers, have been with us since 2006. Currently, we are fortunate to have our two teachers working in partnership to create an enriched, child-centered environment designed to stimulate cognitive, creative and social development in our children.

parachuteOur philosophy regarding early childhood education is that children learn, develop and grow by doing what they do best naturally and spontaneously which is PLAY! The process of learning through play occurs in an atmosphere where trust, security and comfort are nurtured and supported.

Our goal at St. Giles is to assist your child in developing self-confidence, self-discipline and a sensitivity and awareness in his/her interactions with others; both children and adults. Children’s behaviour is influenced by their overall development, their environment and the adults who care for them. Our preschool sets the stage for young children to begin to work toward this goal.

hawkvisitWhere space is sufficient, as it is at St.Giles, children can play, work, and move freely from activity to activity in a relaxed setting. The specially chosen toys and materials, the variety of age-appropriate activities, the physical space, and the feeling of warmth, trust and security which surrounds the children are all key ingredients which help foster growth and development.

As parents and teachers, we believe that the process of growth entails making mistakes which is an essential part of a child’s overall growth and development. We believe it is important to encourage children to think for themselves, to take risks and to voice their thoughts, knowing that they will be listened to, heard and respected.