Our Play-Based Program

St. Giles is a creative, play-based program for children aged 2 and a half to five years old. The program is based on a balance of activity; both self-directed and adult-directed. The program is flexible, encouraging a flow from one activity to another.

Our program is based on meeting the needs of all the children, while at the same time meeting individual needs. A child’s choice of activities is based on varying interests and individual needs.

Both teachers work together with the duty parents to provide the current outdoor mixed age program.

Schedule and Fees

Mixed Age Program (2.5-5 years)

Monday – Thursday 1-4pm


* Full for 2020/2021, Space available for 2021/2022

The Space

Our home base is Queen Elizabeth Park. We have discovered some amazing spaces for adventures and free range play.  

We also spend time at Richmond Nature Park and Jericho Beach.

Come explore with us!

Program Enrichment

Due to COVID-19 program enrichment looks  different this year. We are utilizing nature and our amazing parents to enrich our program.

In the past, we have organized numerous program enrichment activities, including visits from community members such as police officers and firefighters as well as paraplegic mouth painter Cody Tresierra

There are also special events for Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day as well as a special Mother’s Day Tea and annual Camping Trip for those who are interested.

I love the fact that my children can get into such huge and creative, artistic, productive messes at preschool and come away from it so enriched. The teachers at St Giles are exceptionally brave and ambitious in the sensory activities that they introduce- I don’t know any other preschool program in the city as rich and varied as this one.
Mom of four, with third child in St. Giles